Erikoisnäyttelyn 5.7.2024 Tuomarinmuutos !!!

Erikoisnäyttelyn 5.7.2024 Tuomarinmuutos !!!

Airedalenterrieri erikoisnäyttelyyn on tullut viimehetken tuomarinmuutos. Tuomari Frank Kane, Iso-Britannia, on estynyt arvostelemaan näyttelymme.

Erikoisnäyttelyämme 5.7.2024 saapuu arvostelemaan Derek Moore, Irlanti.

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“I have been involved with dog´s most of my life. Staffordshire Bull Terrier is my mean breed, haven´t been without one in 44 years. In 2002 began the story of (CICELY) . I have awarded CC´s 3 times in the UK since 2021. Over the years i have owned/handled numerous other Terrier´s including Bull Terrier, Wire Fox, Kerry Blue Terriers, Jack Russell and Sealyham Terrier´s. I pride myself in always offering an unbiased option to all exhibitors. Judging in Ireland, UK, Brazil and Australia.”

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